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Abracadabra Removals East London are specialists in house removals, in fact 90% of the removals undertaken by Abracadabra Removals East London are specialists forhouse removals in East London, we have teams trained in the art of house removals. Every single domestic removal in East London is different and the cost for your move will depend in a number of factors.

For most of our customers we are required to prepare absolutely everything for safe removal and transportation and this would normally mean organising a team to attend the property on the day before your removal with boxes and bubble. This team will then spend the day preparing all your goods for safe transportation. You are welcome to prepare your items yourself but this would mean that your items are not professionally packed and may not be insured against damage.

If your house removal is for a two bedroom property or bigger then we would prefer to send a surveyor round to your property in order to ensure your removal is organised to the highest standard. We also offer hourly rate removals for a house removal in east London where you may want everything moved quickly, this type of house removal doesn't require a free survey of your house. 

If you do have a few weeks before your house removal date then we would recommend a house removal survey from one of our house removals surveyors in East London. The surveyor will be able to discuss your house removal in detail and ensure we offer you the right removal service, have the right equipment for the job and the right team. We can see if any items of furniture will need to be dismantled in order to move out of your house. The surveyor will also be able to assess your requirements for removal boxes and bubblewrap, if storage in East London is required this can be assessed also. We can deliver boxes free of charge for any domestic removals that are booked with Abracadabra Removals East London.

For house removals in East London you will normally have to work around a completion date and this normally means your house removal date is fixed therefore it is essential to have the right size vehicle for your job because the new owners in most cases will not let you back in the house for a second trip. Please remember that booking a house survey with Abracadabra Removals East London is free and there is no obligation to book your removal with us either, especially since you cannot really make a booking without first having your removal date.

To book your House removals surveyor in East London now call 0800 211 8482 or book an appointment online.

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